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Twitter Criminals

May 12, 2011

Twitter has stirred up a fuss in the UK.

Apparently, someone has posted revealing the parties involved in a super-injunction.  In the UK, super-injunction is so super that the media, and others, can’t reveal the existence of the injunction, let alone the parties involved.

Therefore, revealing the names of the people involved is a crime.

Or, err, is it?

If the tweet originated in the U.S. and is stored on Twitter’s servers in the U.S., then where has the crime occurred?

Am I guilty if I view the offending tweet from a UK computer?  I would like to think not but then I’m no lawyer…

It seems unreasonable for the UK to ask the U.S. to extradict the person who originated the tweet when that person is not governed by UK law and did not commit any offence in the UK.

In summary, is the Internet throwing out a lawless society (or societies) that cannot be policed effectively?  Watch how Western states try to control the Internet (Governments only exist in lawful situations).  Nevertheless, I think they will fail and, on balance, the world will be a better place for this.

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